Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired Yet Inspired

I'm a sleepy one today. I used up all of my best blogging time reading everyone else's great posts. I was too lazy to leave comments this time but as a group, you are all amazing, funny, honest, wonderful people and you have given me more inspiration in the past couple of weeks than I have found in 10 years of searching!

I just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance. I love that show because I love dancing. I always have - but at my current weight, I never go out and do it. The best I can do is close the shades, plug in my iPod and dance around the living room. Even at that, it feels amazing to move my body to music. I can pretend that I'm the skinny cutie smoking up the dance floor.

It feels great... until I catch myself in the reflection of a mirror or picture glass. Then I realize that the dancing feels good but looks ridiculous. Sometimes I lose my energy and it kills the fun when I see myself... but other times I ignore that reflection and fall back into the fantasy. If I could just do that with other forms of exercise, I would have it made!

There have been a lot of lists on posts lately - what people hate about being overweight and what they look forward to when they've reached their goals. I plan to take some time and create my personal list of these things but for now I'll just say...

I am looking forward to losing weight so I can look as good as I feel when I'm dancing.


  1. I love that, too! I am in awe of anyone who can dance at all. :) I hope you will dance as a part of your fitness regime. :)

    Oh, and I stole your fish...I couldn't resist!! I love them!!!

  2. Some things are all about how they feel, don't you think? I only dance for the feeings and being silly with my husband--not for viewing! Keep it up!

    Plus, some heavy women are really sexy dancers! Did you see Queen Latifah in Chicago?

  3. Uh. Yeah! I was in LOVE with that show... until the judges shit got too out of control. I love to dance by myself, and with the dogs. They go nuts when I get down... The key is- by myself!You just keep dancing, as long as it takes!